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Thinking about renting your home? We have a list of renters!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

The Americana Cove renter list has 16 names of people who would like to rent in the community. Barefoot Realty keeps this list to assist residents who may want to rent their homes for season or annual. To obtain the list, call toll free 855-235-5790 or e-mail:

If you have friends or relatives who would like to rent in the community, have them go to the website and fill out the form to be added to the renter list.

The following are the renting rules for Americana Cove:

· Renters are treated just like buyers. All renters must have a background/credit check and be approved by management before moving in.

· All renters must have a credit score of 700 or above just like all home buyers. If renting to a couple, both people must have 700 or above credit score.

· Homes must be rented for a minimum of two months.

· For rentals less than six months and a day, residents must pay a tourist development tax to the state and county.

Go to this website to learn more about this tax: The county has a simple process to make it easy for individuals to register and pay the tax.


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