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Thank You Residents!

Sunday's Open House was a success due to your participation! We didn't have as many potential buyers come through as we did at February's community open house; however, we had more buyers who were ready to purchase. Approximately 70 percent of the visitors were residents with friends looking and about 30 percent were out of the community. We had one couple from Orlando who drove over!

Waterfront homes, which always draw the most potential buyers, had a range of 8 to 24 people viewing. 19 homes were available to show. Every home had at least two couples who viewed.

Barefoot Realty thanks the residents who volunteered to assist us with sitting at homes. We also deeply appreciate the residents who took the time to bring their friends who were visiting or who knew of friends who were interested in a particular home and came by to view. Without all of this resident participation, the event would not have been so successful. Applause and pats on the back to each of you! Your neighbors and friends who have their homes for sale greatly appreciate you!


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