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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Barefoot Realty is the brokerage agent for the community and provides a number of services to residents. There may be some items residents are not aware of, so be sure to check the list below.

• List and market real property under the real property brokerage license.

• List and market pre-owned mobile homes that are not real property and sell new homes

under the mobile home dealer’s license.

• Rent property for residents who want to do long-term rentals.

• Consult and assist residents and nonresidents with purchasing a new home and lot or

replacing an existing home.

• Give an estimated value of a property to a resident, which any Barefoot Realty Realtor®

can do. If a resident needs an estimated value for legal or insurance purposes, Broker

Marty Pozgay can do a broker’s opinion letter for the resident.

• Answer nonlegal questions a resident may have about purchase or share documents or

guide residents to co-op’s attorney or title company if needed.

• Notarize documents for residents.

• Barefoot Realty has regular daily office hours including weekends, but each Realtor®

makes appointments when it is convenient for residents to meet.

• Give non-residents or friends and relatives of current residents who want to learn more

about the manufactured home lifestyle a tour of the community.

• We do not hard sell. Our office is a welcoming place. We try to make the real estate

process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

• Each Realtor® working at the Americana Cove office is a member of the National

Association of Realtors, the Florida Realtor Association and the Pinellas Realtor


• There are four Realtors® who work in the Americana Cove office. Use the Realtor® who

you are most comfortable with


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