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Have Paperwork in Order Prior to Selling

Before selling your home, be sure your paperwork is in order. The following information is especially important for the heirs of residents who may not realize the documents needed to sell a home.

· Important documents that you will need to sell your home: Occupancy agreement, share certificate and titles to home if the titles have not been retired already

· Are these documents in the name of the current resident or has someone passed and an heir now has possession of the home? The paperwork needs to be in the name of the current owner.

· If the paperwork isn’t current, the home cannot be listed with a real estate company. There must be clear title before a home can be sold.

· If a resident can’t find the original share certificate, they can contact management to sign a lost certificate affidavit. If the titles to the home are lost, then contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain duplicate title(s).

· If you are unclear about how to pass on property from one heir to another, consult a Florida attorney as probate laws differ from state to state.


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