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Barefoot Realty is Growing!

Barefoot Realty is pleased to announce two new Realtors® have joined the company. Lisa Pastorius has been working at Americana Cove for the past six months. She has a master’s degree in education and was a former Pinellas County teacher before moving to real estate. Roxanne Noling, who owns two homes in Americana Cove, is a former mortgage broker with extensive knowledge of real estate transactions and began working for the company in October.

Lisa and Roxanne join Broker Associate Debbie Brown and Owners Charity Cicardo, Realtor®, and Marty Pozgay, Broker, in the company’s St. Petersburg and Americana Cove offices. Barefoot Realty has a third office in Ft. Myers.

“It’s an honor and privilege to have an office located within Americana Cove,” says Pozgay. “We strive to continually offer residents high quality salespeople who offer excellent customer service.”

Each salesperson is a licensed Florida Realtor® and also works under Barefoot Realty’s dealer’s license to sell new homes. Barefoot Realty is a full-service real estate firm, which means that “our Realtors list and sell all types of real estate including single family homes, condos, lots and manufactured homes,” Pozgay explains.

Any member of the Barefoot Realty sales team can list or show homes in Americana Cove. “Residents can choose who they want to list their homes and know that we take great pride in thoroughly evaluating each property,” said Pozgay.

Although there are posted office hours, the sales team works many more hours showing homes by appointment or listing homes when it is convenient for the homeowner. “The posted office hours are floor duty to make sure residents can contact us or walk-in buyers can have access to view homes,” explains Pozgay. “But those hours are just a small portion of the full number of hours the sales team works. As anyone who has been in sales knows, the job is practically 24/7.”

Working behind the scenes is Jill Daugherty, a former real estate agent in Georgia who also owns a home in Americana Cove. Jill has a Real Estate Assistant’s license and works with the sales team to ensure a smooth flow of paperwork. “Having been a real estate agent greatly helps in her understanding of the work we do,” explains Pozgay. “She is truly an asset to our company.”



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