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2022 Home Sales Report

Updated: May 15, 2023

If you’ve been seeing a lot of new faces in the community, it should not be a surprise. During 2022, fifty-six homes sold at Americana Cove. Even more potential buyers visited the community and could be back to purchase. Almost 300 people made appointments to visit the Barefoot Realty sales office during the year while 114 people were walk-ins who visited during the regularly scheduled sales office hours.

Last year also saw the highest home sale within the community. A newer model waterfront home sold for $449,000 and a second waterfront home sold for $445,000. Not only are waterfront properties gaining value, but interior lots are seeing increases, too. Of the 56 homes that sold in 2022, only four homes sold for less than $100,000.

“The reputation of Americana Cove as a premiere community is well known,” said Broker Marty Pozgay. “With waterfront property values increasing dramatically and new home prices rising higher, it’s not a surprise that prices have gone up.”

Pozgay also noted that the pricing at Americana Cove is still much more affordable than any other area of St. Petersburg and that’s an important reason as to why the community is popular.


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