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2019 Home Sales Review

During the year, 41 homes were sold through Barefoot Realty, one home was listed and sold by another real estate agency and five homes were sold by residents for a total of 47 homes sold. In 2018, 40 homes were sold by Barefoot Realty.

The 41 homes sold by Barefoot Realty include homes listed by other agents but Barefoot Realty sold the home. “Because the sales office receives the majority of walk-in traffic, it is no surprise that our agents sell the homes listed by outside real estate companies,” explained Broker Marty Pozgay.

Americana Cove Clubhouse
Americana Cove Clubhouse

Sales Traffic: During 2019, the Barefoot Realty sales office saw 508 people with a breakdown as follows: 190 people visited without appointments, 241 potential buyers called and made appointments and 77 people visited the community more than once.

Rentals: In addition, Barefoot Realty has seven annual rentals. Through the years, many of the long-term renters purchase a home because they enjoy the community so much.

New Home Sales: In 2019, four new homes were delivered to the community by Barefoot Realty with three of the residents purchasing new shares bringing $120,000 of income to the co-op. Because homes are often sold in one year but are delivered the following year, there were six homes sold in 2018 and three of those residents purchased new shares. “Within two years, the co-op received $240,000 in revenue from share sales through Barefoot Realty,” explained Pozgay.

Benefits to Residents: “Residents ask us the benefits of using our company and there are several,” notes Pozgay. “Barefoot Realty does not use lockboxes, so we are personally showing the home and discussing the benefits of the home to every potential buyer. We typically price the homes better since we are familiar with the Americana Cove market and we know cooperatives. It’s surprising how many realtors have no understanding whatsoever of cooperatives and we have to help them through the sales process,” says Pozgay.

Barefoot Realty has five agents to assist residents: Owners Marty Pozgay and Charity Cicardo along with Debbie Brown, Roxanne Noling and Lisa Pastorius. All agents are members of the National Association of Realtors®, the Florida Association of Realtors® and the Pinellas Realtor® Association and bring a combined 60 years of experience in real estate sales to the community.


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