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Residents/Staff Make Buyers Feel Welcome!

Although potential buyers are looking for a home that meets their criteria, they are also looking at Americana Cove to determine if it’s a place that they will feel welcomed. From the staff at the gatehouse who is their first introduction to the community to the sales team to residents they may meet or see while they are touring the community, all of these exchanges help buyers to determine whether they will feel comfortable living here.

Here are some of the most-asked questions of buyers:

What’s a manufactured home and what’s a co-op? Many buyers have never lived in a manufactured home nor understand what cooperative ownership is, so learning about this type of housing and ownership and feeling comfortable with it is extremely important for them. Education is key and is what we do when we meet a buyer for the first time.

Will I like this community? Many buyers have never lived in a community before; they may have lived on acreage or on a private lot but never lived under a homeowners association or rules before. This often is the area that they feel most uncomfortable because they just don’t know how they will like living with other people. This fear often fades away after speaking to residents and hearing them enthusiastically discuss the community and how much they enjoy living here. We always appreciate residents who stop to say hello when we are doing a tour of the facilities. Even a smile or wave makes buyers feel more comfortable.

Is the community well run? Since so many people have never lived in a community, we enjoy introducing the management staff to buyers as their professionalism puts them at ease and no matter how busy, they always take the time to make buyers feel welcome.

Why should I choose the Cove over other communities I have visited? Ultimately, this is the final question that buyers ask and more often than not their experiences in other communities have not been as warm and friendly as their experience at the Cove, thanks to all of the small positive exchanges with various residents and staff that occur while they visit.


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