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Does It Pay to Remodel?

Homeowners often wonder whether to upgrade their existing home and whether the upgrades will result in a higher sales price. The answer to both is yes!

According to, the return on investment for an updated kitchen averages about 60% and for a bathroom remodel the return is approximately 68%. The organization notes that the best improvements a home seller can make is replacing the roof, A/C system, electrical and plumbing as new buyers appreciate the value of these items. “Nothing can break a deal quicker than knowing the buyer is going to have to replace the roof within 30 days of purchasing the home,” explains Broker Marty Pozgay.

Almost every buyer does a home inspection prior to purchasing, so upgrading aging systems such as roof, A/C, electrical and plumbing is extremely important if the owner wants to fetch close to list price for the home. In fact, it is advisable for a seller to have their own home inspection to determine if any major items require repair or replacement prior to putting the home on the market, says Pozgay.

According to Remodeling Magazine, curb appeal can really increase value as it notes that landscaping can return up to 150% on investment. “It’s surprising what nicely trimmed bushes and flowers can do to enhance a home,” noted Pozgay. “It seems so elementary, but when a home looks inviting, then buyers get excited about seeing it.

Since almost everyone at Americana Cove has flowerbeds or decorative bushes in the front or alongside their home, it makes financial sense to keep beds looking well kept. “It not only helps with resale of the home, but makes the community look nice, too,” says Pozgay.


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