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2020 Year In Review

Despite a worldwide pandemic, there was a lot of buying and selling of homes at Americana Cove in 2020. A total of 306 people visited the sales office to view homes for sale and 45 homes were sold. September was the best month for home sales with seven closings that month. Of the 306 people, 99 were walk-ins, meaning that they stopped by the community during posted business hours without an appointment. When this occurs, the Realtor® on duty greets the visitor.

Once the pandemic hit in March, Barefoot Realty met visitors in the parking lot, and everyone wore masks to ensure the safety of residents, potential buyers and Realtors®.

Each year, the best-selling months change. In 2019 a total of 41 homes were sold with January and April being the best months with 6 closings each. In 2018, March was the best month for sales with nine home closings. Forty homes were sold that year.

New home sales were up in 2020 with five new homes sold and two shares for lots; however, the closings do not occur until the homes are ready for occupancy. Therefore, the moneys for the share sales will show as income to the co-op in 2021. Two model homes were placed on lots during the last quarter of 2020 and when sold these two share sales will bring more income to the co-op, as well.

Barefoot Realty also appreciates the staff at the gate as they distribute folders to visitors who come after posted business hours. In 2020, staffers distributed 178 folders to visitors. “We are always trying to capture as many people as possible through the use of different marketing tools. Not all visitors call or return, but those who are truly interested will,” explained Broker Marty Pozgay.

Residents play a key role in the reputation of the community. Word of mouth advertising is always the best. “It’s always nice to hear visitors say they had to check out the community because it has such a great reputation,” said Pozgay.


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