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Why Upgrade an Older Home?

There are many homes at Americana Cove that are vintage 1970s, which makes the home between 41 to 50 years old. What improvements, if any, should one do to a home of that age?

“If we were discussing a site-built home, condo, townhome or villa, this wouldn’t even be a question because we assume that this type of housing will last for 100 years or more if well built and if the home continues to be well maintained,” explains Broker Marty Pozgay.

Because manufactured housing has had building standards that continue to be improved over time, homeowners wonder should older homes be upgraded. Here’s a little history: A manufactured home is one that is built entirely in a factory, transported to the site and installed under a federal building code administer by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This code for manufactured housing became effective on June 15, 1976. Any home built prior to this date is referred to as a mobile home since the homes were built to voluntary industry standards. Any home built from June 15, 1976 and beyond is referred to as a manufactured home.

According to Pozgay, when properly maintained, a manufactured home will appreciate similar to other types of housing, but they are also subject to the same market factors including:

· The desirability of the community where home is located

· Initial price paid for the home

· Maintenance and upgrades made to the home

· Availability of other homes in similar condition

“Taking these items into effect, I would always encourage a homeowner to made upgrades to the home because the home value will increase,” Pozgay explains. Improvements that generally create more value include new roofs, new windows, new floors, interior drywall, and remodeled kitchens and baths.

“Of course, buyers can tell a poor remodel job from one where higher-grade materials are used,” Pozgay said. “That’s where the difference often lies is if the upgrades were cheap or work was poorly completed, then a homeowner will not receive as much additional value that they hoped for.”

Small improvements that can really add value is screening an open porch or sitting area in the carport because so many people enjoy sitting outside, or adding a washer and dryer in a closet within the home as this is one of the most requested features that buyers desire.

Finally, homeowners who are new to Florida do not realize that pest and termite control is essential. “Making sure that you are on a regular pest control program is vital,” explains Pozgay. “Buyers appreciate and desire homes that have had a regular pest maintenance program. It’s another way to show that the home has been well maintained,” he said.


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barefoot realty
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Dana Reyes
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