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Let’s Move to Florida!

Where are the top cities that people are moving to in 2023? The Tampa Bay area is definitely one of them. According to PODS, the portable storage company, Sarasota and Tampa ranked number 2 and number 9, respectively, of places people were moving. Orlando, Ocala and Jacksonville rounded out the top 10 locations coming in third, fourth and eighth respectively.

In another separate survey of buyers, Tampa was fourth out of the top 10 places buyers wanted to move, according to the Florida Realtors Association. Other Florida cities on the list were Miami at number three, Orlando at number 5 and Sarasota and Cape Coral at numbers 6, and 7, respectively.

The three main reasons why people want to move from other areas of the United States to the south are due to poor weather, higher crime rates and higher living costs overall.


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